The Shoot Like a Girl Brand



Our Mission

It is The Shoot Like a Girl Brand's mission to be relentless and strive for equality in sports. We want to be seen as THE STANDARD and nothing less when it comes to women's sports.

The Shoot Like a Girl Brand has embarked on our mission by creating a clothing line that empowers women and girls in sports to be seen as


In the 1966 mega-hit, James Brown sings “It's a man's world” and you could say the same thing about sports. The NFL, NBA, MLB all are a man's world. Recently the networks have added a woman here and there but the anchors are all “x players” and as such men.


Women are trying to fit in when there really is no need to.  Women are women and that you enjoy sports, competition and athletics is normal. We say go ahead and enjoy it, go ahead and excel and rather than trying to fit in, go ahead and SHOOT LIKE A GIRL. 

James Brown goes on to say “But it wouldn't be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl.” And he is right.