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Our Story

Founded by former college coaches and high-level players who specialize in developing, empowering, and inspiring female athletes to reach potentials they only dreamt about.    

During their time as coaches and high-level college basketball players, they recognized the many ways girls and women in sports were treated as second-class.

It is The Shoot Like A Girl Brand's mission to be relentless and strive for equality within sports. We want to be seen as the standard and nothing less when speaking about women in sports.

We want to create a platform that shows the importance of women in sports.

The Shoot Like a Girl Brand has embarked on our mission by:

Creating a clothing line that empowers women and girls in sports to be seen as THE STANDARD


Mentoring young female athletes and helping them navigate through obstacles so they are able to achieve their goals.


Inspiring girls to get involved and win in sports.


Free workouts and skills videos on our social media platforms


A recruitment service to HS athletes who want a basketball scholarship to a four-year college.


We say go ahead and excel, rather than trying to fit in. 

Go ahead and SHOOT LIKE A GIRL.

Meet the Team


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